Polyplus-transfection® has developed a novel class of cationic modified oligonucleotides (OLIGOPLUS) that require no delivery agent as they act as cell-penetrating oligonucleotides. This is achieved by grafting cationic spermine units onto the oligonucleotide to create a positively charged oligocation-oligonucleotide conjugate. The conjugate molecules, highly stable, do not require formulation with a vector for successful delivery into target cells. This technology can apply to different classes of therapeutic oligonucleotides such as siRNA, antisense and anti-miR. In the case of siRNA, a sub-class called SIRNAPLUS® has been developed and fully characterised. SIRNAPLUS® conjugates are active in the presence of serum and have shown specific gene silencing activity at low nanomolar concentration. Their in vivo efficacy is currently under review in a study of gene silencing activity in neuronal progenitor cells in mouse brain, in xenograft tumors and lung metastasis models. The technology is now fully available for licensing for a wide range of indications and applications.

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