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What kind of nucleic acids can be delivered in vivo with in vivo-jetPEI®?

in vivo-jetPEI® is suitable for delivery of any type of nucleic acid such as DNA, siRNA, mimic miRNA, oligonucleotides and mRNA in animals.

In which animals can in vivo-jetPEI® be used?

in vivo-jetPEI®  is ideal for nucleic acid delivery in mice. However, the protocol is so easy and versatile that it has been adapted to many other species including rats, mosquitoes, shrimps, guinea pigs, macaques… Please feel to contact our technical support to adapt the protocol to your animal model (contact us).

Which administration routes can be used for in vivo-jetPEI®-mediated nucleic acid delivery?

in vivo-jetPEI®  is suitable for systemic and local nucleic acid delivery. Several ways of administration have been successfully tested such as intravenous injection (tail vein and retroorbital), intraperitoneal injection, intratumoral injection, intracerebral injection, intranasal instillation, as detailed in the Application note Publications by Administration route.

If I want to target a specific organ; how should I proceed?

The delivery procedure highly depends on the organ to target. Depending on the route of administration, in vivo-jetPEI®-mediated gene expression is observed in the brain, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidney, heart, bladder, skin, retina, etc. Please contact our technical support team for more advice (contact us).

How long are nucleic acid/in vivo-jetPEI® complexes stable for?

Complexes formed between nucleic acid and in vivo-jetPEI® do not form aggregates over time and are stable for at least 24 hours at room temperature or 37 °C and few weeks at 4°C. Hence, complexes can be prepared in advance, which is therefore compatible with the use of osmotic pumps for continuous delivery.

Can I use in vivo-jetPEI® for clinical trials in human?

Polyplus-transfection offers a GMP grade in vivo-jetPEI® which is manufactured in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) suitable for use in clinical trials in human from phase I to phase III. This reagent is used in a growing number of therapies worldwide.

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