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Polyplus-transfection is a company focused on helping our Customers be highly successful with their science by providing them with fast and efficient technical support – where you can talk to a real person and not an “interactive voice response technology”.

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94% of our customers are satisfied

In 2019, 94% of our customers found the Scientific Support to be excellent or good, and over 96% would use this service again or recommend it to a fellow scientist!

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Fig. 1: Overall impression of Polyplus Scientific Support in 2019.


Fig. 2: Percentage of customers that would use Polyplus technical support again or recommend it to a fellow scientist.

What our customers say

Here is what our customers say about us:

“They were quick to answer my questions and followed up with additional requests for protocols. I am very happy with their professionalism.”

“Compared to your competitors (Thermo / Mirus) your supports provides really some helping comments. Mirus e.g. needed up to 5 days to respond with a standard-phrase without any help at all and did not respond to the answer.”

“This is a great group of genuine people giving helpful advice to the research community.”

“I like to use reagents that have already been tried, tested and optimized by very competent staff. This saves us a lot  of time and gives us the much needed confidence while using these reagents.”

A team of highly educated scientists

Developing best-in-class reagents while offering excellent support are Polyplus-transfection®’s top priorities. Our top-notch Scientific Support team is composed of highly qualified research scientists – Life Science PhDs and international postdoctoral experience – with extensive knowledge and hands on skills in cell culture, bioprocesses and animal experimentation.

The Scientific Support team is dedicated to understand specific needs, provide highest level of scientific advice and to offer the best solutions to ensure that each scientist achieves their goals. We propose different services of which protocol optimization, tailored transfection and in vivo delivery conditions. We are also always pleased to answer any scientific question you may have concerning transfection mechanisms.

Polyplus-transfection Scientific Support is available by phone at + 33 390 406 187 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CEST and by email using our Contact form. You will receive a personalized answer generally within 48 hours.

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