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H9c2in vitroDNA, miRNA plasmid, shRNA plasmidjetPRIME
Mughal, W. et al. (2018)

Cell Death Differ ,
Myocardin regulates mitochondrial calcium homeostasis and prevents permeability transition
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HCT 116, HEK-293, SW480in vitromimic miRNA, mimic miRNA and DNA cotransfectionINTERFERin, jetPRIME
Wang, H. et al. (2015)

BMC Cancer 15, 748
miR-320b suppresses cell proliferation by targeting c-Myc in human colorectal cancer cells
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MC-38, MEFin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Czarnek M. et al. (2020)

Mol Neurobiol 57, 1799-1813
Proteolytic Processing of Neuregulin 2
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Trophoblast stem cellsin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Hayakawa, K. et al. (2018)

Sci Rep 8, 5811
Nucleosomes of polyploid trophoblast giant cells mostly consist of histone variants and form a loose chromatin structure
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Bartolome, R. A. et al. (2014)

Oncogene 33, 1658-69
Cadherin-17 interacts with alpha2beta1 integrin to regulate cell proliferation and adhesion in colorectal cancer cells causing liver metastasis
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HEK-293, U-2 OSin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Le Guennec M. et al. (2020)

Sci Adv ,
A helical inner scaffold provides a structural basis for centriole cohesion
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HEK-293Tin vitrosiRNA, siRNA and DNA cotransfectionjetPRIME
Madero-Perez, J. et al. (2018)

Mol Neurodegener 13, 3
Parkinson disease-associated mutations in LRRK2 cause centrosomal defects via Rab8a phosphorylation
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Rat primary cortical neuronsin vitrooligonucleotidejetPRIME
Chen, T. J. et al. (2014)

Cell Mol Life Sci 71, 4069-80
Insulin can induce the expression of a memory-related synaptic protein through facilitating AMPA receptor endocytosis in rat cortical neurons
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Walchalska M. et al. (2019)

Cells 8, 1590
Fluorescent TAP as a Platform for Virus-Induced Degradation of the Antigenic Peptide Transporter
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CHME3, Human microglial cellsin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Socodato, R. et al. (2018)

Free Radic Biol Med 118, 137-149
Redox tuning of Ca(2+) signaling in microglia drives glutamate release during hypoxia
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