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Blood vesselin vitro / in vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Kudo, F. A. et al. (2007)

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 27, 1562-71
Venous identity is lost but arterial identity is not gained during vein graft adaptation
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Brainin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Lemkine, G. F. et al. (2002)

Mol Cell Neurosci 19, 165-74
Preferential transfection of adult mouse neural stem cells and their immediate progeny in vivo with polyethylenimine
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Lungin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Liu, H. et al. (2006)

Am J Respir Crit Care Med 173, 566-72
Novel action of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase attenuating acute lung allograft injury
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Brainin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Lopez-Juarez, A. et al. (2012)

Cell Stem Cell 10, 531-43
Thyroid hormone signaling acts as a neurogenic switch by repressing Sox2 in the adult neural stem cell niche
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Skinin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Murase, D. et al. (2009)

J Biol Chem 284, 4343-53
The essential role of p53 in hyperpigmentation of the skin via regulation of paracrine melanogenic cytokine receptor signaling
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-in vitro / in vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI, jetPEI
Ortiz, R. et al. (2009)

J Mol Med 87, 899-911
The cytotoxic activity of the phage E protein suppress the growth of murine B16 melanomas in vitro and in vivo
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Immune cells, Tumorsin vivomodified siRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Poeck, H. et al. (2008)

Nat Med 14, 1256-63
5′-Triphosphate-siRNA: turning gene silencing and Rig-I activation against melanoma
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Testisin vivoshRNA plasmidin vivo-jetPEI
Rotgers, E. et al. (2014)

Cell Death Dis 5, e1274
Retinoblastoma protein (RB) interacts with E2F3 to control terminal differentiation of Sertoli cells
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Blood vesselin vivomimic miRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Song, F. et al. (2014)

Clin Cancer Res 20, 878-89
Integrated microRNA network analyses identify a poor-prognosis subtype of gastric cancer characterized by the miR-200 family
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Airway tractin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Tian, D. et al. (2008)

J Asthma 45, 715-21
Therapeutic effect of intratracheal administration of murine IL-4 receptor antagonist on asthmatic airway inflammation
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