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Bonein vitro / in vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI, jetPEI
Wang H. et al. (2023)

Regen Ther 22, 99-108
Introduction of tenomodulin by gene transfection vectors for rat bone tissue regeneration
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Mammary glandin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Arnandis, T. et al. (2014)

Biochem J 459, 355-68
Differential functions of calpain 1 during epithelial cell death and adipocyte differentiation in mammary gland involution
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Lungin vivoDNA, STICKY SIRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Bolcato-Bellemin, A. L. et al. (2007)

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104, 16050-5
Sticky overhangs enhance siRNA-mediated gene silencing
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Immune cellsin vitro / in vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI, INTERFERin, jetPEI
Chalmin, F. et al. (2010)

J Clin Invest 120, 457-71
Membrane-associated Hsp72 from tumor-derived exosomes mediates STAT3-dependent immunosuppressive function of mouse and human myeloid-derived suppressor cells
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Immune cellsin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Cubillos-Ruiz, J. R. et al. (2009)

J Clin Invest 119, 2231-44
Polyethylenimine-based siRNA nanocomplexes reprogram tumor-associated dendritic cells via TLR5 to elicit therapeutic antitumor immunity
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Gastrointestinal tractin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Feng, J. et al. (2011)

PLoS ONE 6, e23655
Silencing of the rotavirus NSP4 protein decreases the incidence of biliary atresia in murine model
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Tumorsin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Gerster, K. et al. (2010)

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 77, 253-60
Targeting polo-like kinase 1 enhances radiation efficacy for head-and-neck squamous cell carcinoma
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Lungin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Hu, Q. et al. (2010)

J Gene Med 12, 276-86
Administration of nonviral gene vector encoding rat beta-defensin-2 ameliorates chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection in rats
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Skinin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Jin, Z. W. et al. (2012)

J Dermatol Sci 67, 88-94
Glutamine suppresses dinitrophenol fluorobenzene-induced allergic contact dermatitis and itching: Inhibition of contact dermatitis by glutamine
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Immune cellsin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Kim, J. H. et al. (2012)

Free Radic Biol Med 53, 629-40
Functional dissection of Nrf2-dependent phase II genes in vascular inflammation and endotoxic injury using Keap1 siRNA
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