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in vivo
Delivered MoleculeReagentResults & Citations
Adipose tissuein vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Jung, T. W. et al. (2019)

J Cell Physiol 234, 20888-20899
Asprosin attenuates insulin signaling pathway through PKCdelta-activated ER stress and inflammation in skeletal muscle
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Musclein vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Pan, T. et al. (2019)

Theranostics 9, 405-423
Delayed Remote Ischemic Preconditioning ConfersRenoprotection against Septic Acute Kidney Injury via Exosomal miR-21
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Kidneyin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Wang, X. F. et al. (2019)

J Cell Physiol ,
DLX5 gene regulates the Notch signaling pathway to promote glomerulosclerosis and interstitial fibrosis in uremic rats
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CNS, Nerve/Spinal cordin vivoshRNA plasmidin vivo-jetPEI
Pryce KD, Powell R, Agwa D, Evely KM, Sheehan GD, Nip A, Tomasello DL, Gururaj S, Bhattacharjee A.. et al. (2019)

FASEB J 33(6):, 7315-7330
Magi-1 scaffolds NaV1.8 and Slack KNa channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons regulating excitability and pain
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Lungin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Smole, U. et al. (2020)

Nat. Immunol. 21, 756-765
Serum amyloid A is a soluble pattern recognition receptor that drives type 2 immunity
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Lungin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Sandri A. et al. (2020)

Clin Exp Immunol ,
Protease inhibitors elicit anti‐inflammatory effects in CF mice with Pseudomonas aeruginosa acute lung infection
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Tumorsin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Lai CH. et al. (2020)

Cancer Lett 472, 97-107
A selective Aurora-A 5′-UTR siRNA inhibits tumor growth and metastasis
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Tumorsin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Guo F. et al. (2019)

Cell Death Diff ,
Deubiquitinating enzyme USP33 restrains docetaxel-induced apoptosis via stabilising the phosphatase DUSP1 in prostate cancer
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Kidneyin vivomiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Coller JB. et al. (2019)

Cell Mol Life Sci ,
Extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 regulates NAD metabolism during acute kidney injury through microRNA-34a-mediated NAMPT expression
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Tumorsin vivodsRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Ruzicka M. et al. (2020)

Leukemia 34, 1017-1026
RIG-I-based immunotherapy enhances survival in preclinical AML models and sensitizes AML cells to checkpoint blockade
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