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Hep G2in vitrosiRNAINTERFERin
Schimming, J. P. et al. (2019)

Methods Mol Biol 1981, 187-202
System Microscopy of Stress Response Pathways in Cholestasis Research
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HEK-293, IMR-90in vitrosiRNAINTERFERin
Reina, J. H. et al. (2006)

PLoS ONE 1, e134
Maf1, a new player in the regulation of human RNA polymerase III transcription
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BJ, Cco-7, DU 145, Glioma A, HCC1937, HCC38, HEC-59, HEK-293T, HeLa, Hep G2, LNCaP, MDA-MB-231, MRC-9, PC-3, SW480, SW620, T-47D, U-2 OS, VACO 4A, VH10in vitroDNA, siRNAINTERFERin, jetPEI
Gad, H. et al. (2014)

Nature 508, 215-21
MTH1 inhibition eradicates cancer by preventing sanitation of the dNTP pool
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Bovine fibroblastic chondrocytesin vitrosiRNAINTERFERin
Rottmar, M. et al. (2013)

Exp Cell Res ,
Interference with the contractile machinery of the fibroblastic chondrocyte cytoskeleton induces re-expression of the cartilage phenotype through involvement of PI3K, PKC and MAPKs
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Caco-2, MDCKin vitroDNA, siRNAINTERFERin, jetPEI
Zihni, C. et al. (2014)

J Cell Biol 204, 111-27
Dbl3 drives Cdc42 signaling at the apical margin to regulate junction position and apical differentiation
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WM1366, WM1791in vitrosiRNAINTERFERin
Sanchez-Laorden, B. et al. (2014)

Sci Signal 7, ra30
BRAF inhibitors induce metastasis in RAS mutant or inhibitor-resistant melanoma cells by reactivating MEK and ERK signaling
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Bieniasz-Krzywiec, P. et al. (2019)

Cell Metabolism ,
Podoplanin-Expressing Macrophages Promote Lymphangiogenesis and Lymphoinvasion in Breast Cancer
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SCN2.2in vitrosiRNAINTERFERin
Shapiro-Reznik, M. et al. (2012)

PLoS ONE 7, e37894
Diurnal rhythms in neurexins transcripts and inhibitory/excitatory synapse scaffold proteins in the biological clock
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HeLain vitrosiRNAINTERFERin
Xie L. et al. (2020)

Retrovirology 17, 16
MxB impedes the NUP358-mediated HIV-1 pre-integration complex nuclear import and viral replication cooperatively with CPSF6
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MDA-MB-231, SNB-19in vitrosiRNAINTERFERin
Smith, H. W. et al. (2008)

J Cell Biol 182, 777-90
uPAR promotes formation of the p130Cas-Crk complex to activate Rac through DOCK180
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