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HCT 116in vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
Wei Y. et al. (2022)

Cell Death Dis 13, 294
A novel mechanism for A-to-I RNA-edited AZIN1 in promoting tumor angiogenesis in colorectal cancer
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Neonatal rat ventricular cardiomyocytesin vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
Li Y. et al. (2022)

Kv4.2 phosphorylation by PKA drives Kv4.2 – KChIP2 dissociation, leading to Kv4.2 out of lipid rafts and internalization
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A549in vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
Zakharova VV. et al. (2022)

Nucleic Acids Res 50, 4389-4413
SETDB1 fuels the lung cancer phenotype by modulating epigenome, 3D genome organization and chromatin mechanical properties
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Turn RE. et al. (2022)

Mol Biol Cell 33, ar13
The ARF GAPs ELMOD1 and ELMOD3 act at the Golgi and cilia to regulate ciliogenesis and ciliary protein traffic
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A549, HEK-293T, MGLU-2-R, MGN-2-Rin vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
Welke RW. et al. (2022)

Viruses 14, 457
Characterization of Hantavirus N Protein Intracellular Dynamics and Localization
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AC16, Rat Neonatal ventricular myocytesin vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
Guo Y. et al. (2022)

J Adv Res ,
iNOS contributes to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction through mitochondrial dysfunction and Akt S-nitrosylation
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PDX10, SK-MEL-28, UACC-257in vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
Zhu EY. et al. (2022)

NPJ Precis Oncol 6, 74
SRC-RAC1 signaling drives drug resistance to BRAF inhibition in de-differentiated cutaneous melanomas
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Mouse primary splenic lymphocytesin vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
Li N. et al. (2023)

Int Immunopharmacol 114, 109559
PLZF promotes the development of asthma tolerance via affecting memory phenotypes of immune cells
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Hep G2in vitroDNAjetOPTIMUS
De Falco P. et al. (2023)

Redox Biology 59, 102585
Hindering NAT8L expression in hepatocellular carcinoma increases cytosolic aspartate delivery that fosters pentose phosphate pathway and purine biosynthesis promoting cell proliferation
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Baka Z. et al. (2022)

Macromol Biosci 29, e2200434
A Coculture Based, 3D Bioprinted Ovarian Tumor Model Combining Cancer Cells and Cancer Associated Fibroblasts
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