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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAPEIpro
Valkama AJ. et al. (2020)

Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev 17, 717-730
Development of Large-Scale Downstream Processing for Lentiviral Vectors
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HEK-293in vitroDNAPEIpro
Liu Y. et al. (2020)

Nature 578, 605-609
TLR9 and beclin 1 crosstalk regulates muscle AMPK activation in exercise
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAPEIpro
Turkki V. et al. (2021)

Viruses 13,
Experimental Evaluation of an Interferometric Light Microscopy Particle Counter for Titering and Characterization of Virus Preparations
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HEK-293, Plat-Ein vitroDNAPEIpro
Ding H. et al. (2021)

Sci Adv 7, eabk1023
Activation of the NRF2 antioxidant program sensitizes tumors to G6PD inhibition
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNA, shRNA plasmidPEIpro
Passanha FR. et al. (2022)

Stem Cells ,
Cadherin-11 regulates cell proliferation via the PDGFRβ–ERK1/2 signaling pathway in human mesenchymal stem cells
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HEK-293Fin vitroDNAPEIpro
Barreira M. et al. (2022)

Gene Ther ,
Enzymatically amplified linear dbDNATM as a rapid and scalable solution to industrial lentiviral vector manufacturing
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HEK293SF-3F6in vitroDNAPEIpro
Boix-Besora A. et al. (2022)

Vaccines 10, 250
Optimization, Production, Purification and Characterization of HIV-1 GAG-Based Virus-like Particles Functionalized with SARS-CoV-2
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HEK-293 6Ein vitroDNAPEIpro
Fuller, J. P. et al. (2015)

Acta Neuropathol 130, 699-711
Comparing the efficacy and neuroinflammatory potential of three anti-abeta antibodies
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HEK-293 6Ein vitroDNAPEIpro
Kuusk, S. et al. (2017)

PLoS One 12, e0171042
Human Chitotriosidase Is an Endo-Processive Enzyme
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CHO-3E7in vitroDNAPEIpro
Trabjerg, E. et al. (2017)

J Biol Chem ,
Conformational characterization of Nerve growth factor-beta reveals that its regulatory pro-part domain stabilizes three loop regions in its mature part
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