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HEK-293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Batonick, M. et al. (2016)

J Immunol Methods 431, 22-30
pMINERVA: A donor-acceptor system for the in vivo recombineering of scFv into IgG molecules
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HEK-293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Carravilla, P. et al. (2019)

Nat Commun 10, 78
Molecular recognition of the native HIV-1 MPER revealed by STED microscopy of single virions
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HEK-293-F, HEK-293Tin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Choi, RJ. et al. (2020)

Viruses 12, 684
BLI-Based Functional Assay in Phage Display Benefits the Development of a PD-L1-Targeting Therapeutic Antibody
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HEK-293in vitroDNAFectoPRO
Kaku Y. et al. (2020)

Jpn J Infect Dis 73, 235-241
Prediction of contact residues in anti-HIV neutralizing antibody by deep learning
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Expi293Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Zhang L. et al. (2020)

Nat Commun 11, 6013
SARS-CoV-2 spike-protein D614G mutation increases virion spike density and infectivity
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CHO-Sin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Cooke, H. A. et al. (2018)

MAbs 10, 1248-1259
EFab domain substitution as a solution to the light-chain pairing problem of bispecific antibodies
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FreeStyle 293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Seervai R. et al. (2020)

Sci Adv 6, eabb7854
The Huntingtin-interacting protein SETD2/HYPB is an actin lysine methyltransferase
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FreeStyle 293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Lu J. et al. (2020)

Virology 543, 20-26
A Novel Human Monoclonal Antibody Potently Neutralizes Human Adenovirus Serotype 7 by Primarily Targeting the Adenovirus Hexon Protein
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HEK-293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Montoliu-Gaya L. et al. (2021)

EMBO Rep ,
CA10 regulates neurexin heparan sulfate addition via a direct binding in the secretory pathway
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HEK-293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Lu, J. et al. (2018)

Front Microbiol 9, 1214
Potent Neutralization Ability of a Human Monoclonal Antibody Against Serotype 1 Dengue Virus
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