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HEK 293 EBNAin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Robertson N. et al. (2020)

J Biol Chem ,
Development of a novel mammalian display system for selection of antibodies against membrane proteins
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HEK-293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Zhang H. et al. (2020)

Autophagy ,
RNF186 regulates EFNB1 (ephrin B1)-EPHB2-induced autophagy in the colonic epithelial cells for the maintenance of intestinal homeostasis
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HEK-293Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Dai DL. et al. (2021)

Biochemistry 60(23), 1808-1821
Structural Characterization of Endogenous Tuberous Sclerosis Protein Complex Revealed Potential Polymeric Assembly
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HEK-293F, HEK-293S, HEK-293S GnTIin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Ereño-Orbea J. et al. (2021)

J Biol Chem 100966,
Structural details of monoclonal antibody m971 recognition of the membrane-proximal domain of CD22
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HEK-293 6Ein vitroDNAFectoPRO
D'Onofrio A. et al. (2021)

Eur J Pharm Biopharm 158, 233-244
Biological evaluation of new TEM1 targeting recombinant antibodies for radioimmunotherapy: In vitro, in vivo and in silico studies
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CHOin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Chen, Y. H. et al. (2018)

Nat Methods ,
The GAGOme: a cell-based library of displayed glycosaminoglycans
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Expi293Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Wang, Q. et al. (2019)

Cell Rep 27, 2593-2607 e5
A Single Substitution in gp41 Modulates the Neutralization Profile of SHIV during In Vivo Adaptation
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HEK-293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Rujas E . et al. (2020)

Nat Commun 11, 5066
Structural characterization of the ICOS/ICOS-L immune complex reveals high molecular mimicry by therapeutic antibodies
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CHOin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Hayashi K. et al. (2020)

J Struct Biol 20, 107512
Structure of Human DPEP3 in Complex With the SC-003 Antibody Fab Fragment Reveals Basis for Lack of Dipeptidase Activity
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FreeStyle 293-Fin vitroDNAFectoPRO
Siddiqui SS. et al. (2021)

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118, e2018090118
Sialoglycan recognition is a common connection linking acidosis, zinc, and HMGB1 in sepsis
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