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HeLa, MCF7, RAW 264.7in vitroDNA, siRNAINTERFERin, jetPEI, jetPEI-Macrophage
Han, C. et al. (2009)

J Immunol 182, 2986-96
Human SCAMP5, a novel secretory carrier membrane protein, facilitates calcium-triggered cytokine secretion by interaction with SNARE machinery
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Mouse primary microglial cellsin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Markovic, D. S. et al. (2009)

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106, 12530-5
Gliomas induce and exploit microglial MT1-MMP expression for tumor expansion
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FRT, HTh7, HTh74, KTC-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Tedelind, S. et al. (2011)

Thyroid Res 4 Suppl 1, S2
Cathepsin B trafficking in thyroid carcinoma cells
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RAW 264.7in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Guo, L. et al. (2017)

Inflammation 40, 454-463
Tripartite Motif 8 (TRIM8) Positively Regulates Pro-inflammatory Responses in Pseudomonas aeruginosa-Induced Keratitis Through Promoting K63-Linked Polyubiquitination of TAK1 Protein
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Mouse primary peritoneal macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Lu, C. et al. (2016)

Int J Biochem Cell Biol 78, 206-216
Photo-enhancement of macrophage phagocytic activity via Rac1-mediated signaling pathway: Implications for bacterial infection
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RAW 264.7in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Pei, G. et al. (2015)

Mol Biol Cell 26, 3061-70
Interferon-gamma-inducible Rab20 regulates endosomal morphology and EGFR degradation in macrophages
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ZMAC-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Chen, W. Y. et al. (2017)

J Virol ,
Genotype 2 strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus dysregulate alveolar macrophage cytokine production via the unfolded protein response
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Human macrophagesin vitroDNA, miRNA plasmidjetPEI-Macrophage
Fredman, G. et al. (2012)

Sci Rep 2, 639
Self-limited versus delayed resolution of acute inflammation: temporal regulation of pro-resolving mediators and microRNA
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THP-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Iwamoto, N. et al. (2007)

Circ Res 101, 156-65
ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 gene transcription is downregulated by activator protein 2alpha. Doxazosin inhibits activator protein 2alpha and increases high-density lipoprotein biogenesis independent of alpha1-adrenoceptor blockade
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RAW 264.7in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Quinn, S. R. et al. (2014)

J Biol Chem 289, 4316-25
The role of Ets2 transcription factor in the induction of microRNA-155 (miR-155) by lipopolysaccharide and its targeting by interleukin-10
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