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RAW 264.7in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Fernandez-Mora, E., Polidori, M., Luhrmann, A., Schaible, U. E., Haas, A. (2005)

Traffic 6, 635-53
Maturation of Rhodococcus equi-containing vacuoles is arrested after completion of the early endosome stage
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Mouse bone marrow-derived denditric cellsin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Ferreira, K. S., Maranhao, A. Q., Garcia, M. C., Brigido, M. M., Santos, S. S., Lopes, J. D., Almeida, S. R. (2011)

PLoS ONE 6, e15935
Dendritic cells transfected with scFv from Mab 7.B12 mimicking original antigen gp43 induces protection against experimental Paracoccidioidomycosis
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Human macrophagesin vitroDNA, miRNA plasmidjetPEI-Macrophage
Fredman, G., Li, Y., Dalli, J., Chiang, N., Serhan, C. N. (2012)

Sci Rep 2, 639
Self-limited versus delayed resolution of acute inflammation: temporal regulation of pro-resolving mediators and microRNA
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Human monocyte-derived macrophages, THP-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Furman, C., Rundlof, A. K., Larigauderie, G., Jaye, M., Bricca, G., Copin, C., Kandoussi, A. M., Fruchart, J. C., Arner, E. S., Rouis, M. (2004)

Free Radic Biol Med 37, 71-85
Thioredoxin reductase 1 is upregulated in atherosclerotic plaques: specific induction of the promoter in human macrophages by oxidized low-density lipoproteins
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Human monocyte-derived macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Guery, L., Benikhlef, N., Gautier, T., Paul, C., Jego, G., Dufour, E., Jacquel, A., Cally, R., Manoury, B., Vanden Berghe, T., Vandenabeele, P., Droin, N., Solary, E. (2011)

Blood 118, 4694-704
Fine-tuning nucleophosmin in macrophage differentiation and activation
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RAW 264.7in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Guo, H., Mi, Z., Bowles, D. E., Bhattacharya, S. D., Kuo, P. C. (2010)

J Biol Chem 285, 37787-96
Osteopontin and protein kinase C regulate PDLIM2 activation and STAT1 ubiquitination in LPS-treated murine macrophages
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ANA-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Guo, H., Mi, Z., Kuo, P. C. (2008)

J Biol Chem 283, 25209-17
Characterization of short range DNA looping in endotoxin-mediated transcription of the murine inducible nitric-oxide synthase (iNOS) gene
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THP-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Howe, D., Shannon, J. G., Winfree, S., Dorward, D. W., Heinzen, R. A. (2010)

Infect Immun 78, 3465-74
Coxiella burnetii phase I and II variants replicate with similar kinetics in degradative phagolysosome-like compartments of human macrophages
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Human alveolar macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Ito, K., Yamamura, S., Essilfie-Quaye, S., Cosio, B., Ito, M., Barnes, P. J., Adcock, I. M. (2006)

J Exp Med 203, 7-13
Histone deacetylase 2-mediated deacetylation of the glucocorticoid receptor enables NF-{kappa}B suppression
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THP-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Iwamoto, N., Abe-Dohmae, S., Ayaori, M., Tanaka, N., Kusuhara, M., Ohsuzu, F., Yokoyama, S. (2007)

Circ Res 101, 156-65
ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 gene transcription is downregulated by activator protein 2alpha. Doxazosin inhibits activator protein 2alpha and increases high-density lipoprotein biogenesis independent of alpha1-adrenoceptor blockade
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