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Human monocyte-derived macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Kastl, S. P. et al. (2009)

Blood 114, 2812-8
Thrombin induces the expression of oncostatin M via AP-1 activation in human macrophages: a link between coagulation and inflammation
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Human monocyte-derived macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Rai, T. et al. (2010)

J Virol 84, 9783-92
Annexin 2 is not required for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 particle production but plays a cell type-dependent role in regulating infectivity
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Mouse bone marrow-derived denditric cellsin vitroDNA, siRNAINTERFERin, jetPEI-Macrophage
Yang, M. et al. (2011)

J Exp Med 208, 2099-112
E3 ubiquitin ligase CHIP facilitates Toll-like receptor signaling by recruiting and polyubiquitinating Src and atypical PKC{zeta}
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Human monocyte-derived macrophagesin vitromiRNA plasmidjetPEI-Macrophage
Krishnamoorthy, S. et al. (2012)

Am J Pathol 180, 2018-27
Resolvin D1 receptor stereoselectivity and regulation of inflammation and proresolving microRNAs
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Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Furuya, F. et al. (2017)

Sci Rep 7, 43960
The ligand-bound thyroid hormone receptor in macrophages ameliorates kidney injury via inhibition of nuclear factor-kappaB activities
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THP-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Ban, Z. et al. (2017)

Sci Rep 7, 43269
High-Fat Diet Induces Unexpected Fatal Uterine Infections in Mice with aP2-Cre-mediated Deletion of Estrogen Receptor Alpha
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Human blood monocyte-derived macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Hansen, E. C. et al. (2016)

Elife 5,
Diverse fates of uracilated HIV-1 DNA during infection of myeloid lineage cells
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Monkey peripheral blood macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Dhillon, N. K. et al. (2005)

Blood 105, 3094-3099
Inhibition of pathogenic SHIV replication in macaques treated with antisense DNA of interleukin-4
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ANA-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Guo, H. et al. (2008)

J Biol Chem 283, 25209-17
Characterization of short range DNA looping in endotoxin-mediated transcription of the murine inducible nitric-oxide synthase (iNOS) gene
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Monkey peripheral blood dendritic cellsin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Lisziewicz, J. et al. (2001)

J Virol 75, 7621-8
Induction of potent human immunodeficiency virus type 1-specific T-cell-restricted immunity by genetically modified dendritic cells
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