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ANA-1in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Guo, H. et al. (2008)

J Biol Chem 283, 25209-17
Characterization of short range DNA looping in endotoxin-mediated transcription of the murine inducible nitric-oxide synthase (iNOS) gene
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Monkey peripheral blood dendritic cellsin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Lisziewicz, J. et al. (2001)

J Virol 75, 7621-8
Induction of potent human immunodeficiency virus type 1-specific T-cell-restricted immunity by genetically modified dendritic cells
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Human blood monocyte-derived macrophages, Human monocyte-derived macrophagesin vitrosiRNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Takayama, K. et al. (2006)

Circ Res 98, 499-504
A Novel Prostaglandin E Receptor 4-Associated Protein Participates in Antiinflammatory Signaling
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HL-1, RAW 264.7in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage, jetPRIME
Sun, Z. et al. (2016)

Basic Res Cardiol 111, 63
Cross-talk between macrophages and atrial myocytes in atrial fibrillation
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Mouse peritoneal macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Kong, D. et al. (2016)

J Exp Med 213, 2209-26
PKA regulatory IIalpha subunit is essential for PGD2-mediated resolution of inflammation
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HEK-293T, Human macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI, jetPEI-Macrophage
Mora, J. et al. (2016)

J Mol Cell Biol ,
Interleukin-38 is released from apoptotic cells to limit inflammatory macrophage responses
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Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Hoppstadter, J. et al. (2015)

J Immunol 194, 6057-67
Glucocorticoid-induced leucine zipper: a critical factor in macrophage endotoxin tolerance
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RAW 264.7in vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Schnettger, L. et al. (2017)

Methods Mol Biol 1519, 169-184
Quantitative Spatiotemporal Analysis of Phagosome Maturation in Live Cells
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Mouse bone marrow-derived denditric cellsin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Ferreira, K. S. et al. (2011)

PLoS ONE 6, e15935
Dendritic cells transfected with scFv from Mab 7.B12 mimicking original antigen gp43 induces protection against experimental Paracoccidioidomycosis
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Human alveolar macrophagesin vitroDNAjetPEI-Macrophage
Ito, K. et al. (2006)

J Exp Med 203, 7-13
Histone deacetylase 2-mediated deacetylation of the glucocorticoid receptor enables NF-{kappa}B suppression
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