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Tumorsin vitro / in vivoDNA, siRNAin vivo-jetPEI, jetPRIME
Vial, J., Royet, A., Cassier, P., Tortereau, A., Dinvaut, S., Maillet, D., Gratadou-Hupon, L., Creveaux, M., Sadier, A., Tondeur, G., Leon, S., Depaepe, L., Pantalacci, S., de la Fouchardiere, A., Micheau, O., Dalle, S., Laudet, V., Mehlen, P., Castets, M. (2018)

Cell Death Differ ,
The Ectodysplasin receptor EDAR acts as a tumor suppressor in melanoma by conditionally inducing cell death
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Tumorsin vivoPoly (I:C)in vivo-jetPEI, jetPEI-FluoR
Tormo, D., Checinska, A., Alonso-Curbelo, D., Perez-Guijarro, E., Canon, E., Riveiro-Falkenbach, E., Calvo, T. G., Larribere, L., Megias, D., Mulero, F., Piris, M. A., Dash, R., Barral, P. M., Rodriguez-Peralto, J. L., Ortiz-Romero, P., Tuting, T., Fisher, P. B., Soengas, M. S. (2009)

Cancer Cell 16, 103-14
Targeted activation of innate immunity for therapeutic induction of autophagy and apoptosis in melanoma cells
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Tumorsin vitro / in vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI, jetPEI
Jeudy, G., Salvadori, F., Chauffert, B., Solary, E., Vabres, P., Chluba, J. (2008)

Cancer Gene Ther 15, 742-9
Polyethylenimine-mediated in vivo gene transfer of a transmembrane superantigen fusion construct inhibits B16 murine melanoma growth
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