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Bladder, Tumorsin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Amit, D., Hochberg, A. (2010)

J Transl Med 8, 134
Development of targeted therapy for bladder cancer mediated by a double promoter plasmid expressing diphtheria toxin under the control of H19 and IGF2-P4 regulatory sequences
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Bladder, Tumorsin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Amit, D., Tamir, S., Birman, T., Gofrit, O. N., Hochberg, A. (2011)

Int J Clin Exp Med 4, 91-102
Development of targeted therapy for bladder cancer mediated by a double promoter plasmid expressing diphtheria toxin under the control of IGF2-P3 and IGF2-P4 regulatory sequences
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Immune cells, Tumorsin vivomodified siRNA, Poly (I:C)in vivo-jetPEI
Besch, R., Poeck, H., Hohenauer, T., Senft, D., Hacker, G., Berking, C., Hornung, V., Endres, S., Ruzicka, T., Rothenfusser, S., Hartmann, G. (2009)

J Clin Invest 119, 2399-411
Proapoptotic signaling induced by RIG-I and MDA-5 results in type I interferon-independent apoptosis in human melanoma cells
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Tumorsin vivoPoly (I:C)in vivo-jetPEI
Bhoopathi, P., Quinn, B. A., Gui, Q., Shen, X. N., Grossman, S. R., Das, S. K., Sarkar, D., Fisher, P. B., Emdad, L. (2014)

Cancer Res 74, 6224-35
Pancreatic cancer-specific cell death induced in vivo by cytoplasmic-delivered polyinosine-polycytidylic acid
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Tumorsin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Busser, B., Sancey, L., Josserand, V., Niang, C., Favrot, M. C., Coll, J. L., Hurbin, A. (2010)

Mol Ther 18, 528-35
Amphiregulin promotes BAX inhibition and resistance to gefitinib in non-small-cell lung cancers
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Tumorsin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Caldas, H., Jaynes, F. O., Boyer, M. W., Hammond, S., Altura, R. A. (2006)

Mol Cancer Ther 5, 693-703
Survivin and Granzyme B-induced apoptosis, a novel anticancer therapy
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Tumorsin vivosiRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Chen, L., Fu, L., Kong, X., Xu, J., Wang, Z., Ma, X., Akiyama, Y., Chen, Y., Fang, J. (2014)

Br J Cancer 110, 1014-26
Jumonji domain-containing protein 2B silencing induces DNA damage response via STAT3 pathway in colorectal cancer
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Tumorsin vivoDNAin vivo-jetPEI
Chumakova, O. V., Liopo, A. V., Andreev, V. G., Cicenaite, I., Evers, B. M., Chakrabarty, S., Pappas, T. C., Esenaliev, R. O. (2008)

Cancer Lett 261, 215-25
Composition of PLGA and PEI/DNA nanoparticles improves ultrasound-mediated gene delivery in solid tumors in vivo
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Tumorsin vivoPoly (I:C)in vivo-jetPEI
Duewell, P., Steger, A., Lohr, H., Bourhis, H., Hoelz, H., Kirchleitner, S. V., Stieg, M. R., Grassmann, S., Kobold, S., Siveke, J. T., Endres, S., Schnurr, M. (2014)

Cell Death Differ 21, 1825-37
RIG-I-like helicases induce immunogenic cell death of pancreatic cancer cells and sensitize tumors toward killing by CD8(+) T cells
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Immune cells, Tumorsin vivomodified siRNAin vivo-jetPEI
Ellermeier, J., Wei, J., Duewell, P., Hoves, S., Stieg, M. R., Adunka, T., Noerenberg, D., Anders, H. J., Mayr, D., Poeck, H., Hartmann, G., Endres, S., Schnurr, M. (2013)

Cancer Res 73, 1709-20
Therapeutic efficacy of bifunctional siRNA combining TGF-beta1 silencing with RIG-I activation in pancreatic cancer
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