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HUVEC, NCI-H460in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Cassinelli, G. et al. (2006)

Mol Cancer Ther 5, 2388-97
Inhibition of c-Met and prevention of spontaneous metastatic spreading by the 2-indolinone RPI-1
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Mouse primary hippocampal neuronsin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Leshchyns'ka, I. et al. (2006)

Neuron 52, 1011-25
The adhesion molecule CHL1 regulates uncoating of clathrin-coated synaptic vesicles
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HUVECin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Okamoto, T. et al. (2010)

Exp Cell Res 317, 348-55
Connexin32 protects against vascular inflammation by modulating inflammatory cytokine expression by endothelial cells
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A549, CHO, HEK-293, Hep G2, Jurkat, MCF7, NIH/3T3, PC-3, Rat primary neurons, SiHa, THP-1in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Weiss, A. et al. (2011)

Biotechnol Bioeng ,
Intracellular peptide delivery using amphiphilic lipid-based formulations
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Crayfish hematopoietic cellsin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Chen, X. X. et al. (2018)

Dev Comp Immunol 82, 104-112
A CqFerritin protein inhibits white spot syndrome virus infection via regulating iron ions in red claw crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus
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Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophagesin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Saeki, A. et al. (2018)

Mol Oral Microbiol 33, 300-311
Activation of NLRP3 inflammasome in macrophages by mycoplasmal lipoproteins and lipopeptides
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HaCaT, HeLain vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Fast, L. A. et al. (2018)

Int J Mol Sci 19,
Inhibition of Tetraspanin Functions Impairs Human Papillomavirus and Cytomegalovirus Infections
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Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophagesin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Ren, G. et al. (2019)

EMBO J 38,
ABRO1 promotes NLRP3 inflammasome activation through regulation of NLRP3 deubiquitination
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A549in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Kaur G. et al. (2020)

Cell Biol Toxicol ,
Regulation of DNA methylation signatures on NF-
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COS-1in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Delehanty, J. B. et al. (2009)

Anal Bioanal Chem 393, 1091-105
Delivering quantum dots into cells: strategies, progress and remaining issues
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