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NIH/3T3in vitroDNAjetPEI
Lorain, S. et al. (2013)

Nucleic Acids Res 41, 8391-402
Dystrophin rescue by trans-splicing: a strategy for DMD genotypes not eligible for exon skipping approaches
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HEK-293T, Mouse primary macrophagesin vitroDNA, siRNAINTERFERin, jetPEI
Qin, K. et al. (2017)

J Autoimmun 81, 120-129
NAD(+) dependent deacetylase Sirtuin 5 rescues the innate inflammatory response of endotoxin tolerant macrophages by promoting acetylation of p65
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MCF7in vitroDNAjetPEI
Montero, J. C. et al. (2013)

Cell Signal 25, 2281-9
Phosphorylation of P-Rex1 at serine 1169 participates in IGF-1R signaling in breast cancer cells
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COLO 205, HCT 116, LoVo, SW480, SW620in vitroDNA, siRNAINTERFERin, jetPEI
Arsic, N. et al. (2017)

PLoS ONE 12, e0172125
The p53 isoform delta133p53ss regulates cancer cell apoptosis in a RhoB-dependent manner
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HEK-293in vitroDNAjetPEI
Novokhatska, O. et al. (2013)

PLoS One 8, e70546
Adaptor proteins intersectin 1 and 2 bind similar proline-rich ligands but are differentially recognized by SH2 domain-containing proteins
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HCT 116, RKOin vitroDNAjetPEI
Yamagishi, N. et al. (2013)

BMC Cancer ,
Chronic inhibition of tumor cell-derived VEGF enhances the malignant phenotype of colorectal cancer cells
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MCF7in vitroDNAjetPEI
Abramovitch, S. et al. (2003)

FEBS Lett 541, 149-54
BRCA1-Sp1 interactions in transcriptional regulation of the IGF-IR gene
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COS-7in vitroDNAjetPEI
Perez, B. et al. (2013)

J Inherit Metab Dis 36, 535-42
A novel congenital disorder of glycosylation type without central nervous system involvement caused by mutations in the phosphoglucomutase 1 gene
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ES-2, GL2.61, Hep3B, PANC-1, U87in vitroDNAjetPEI
Amit, D. et al. (2012)

Int J Clin Exp Med ,
Development of targeted therapy for a broad spectrum of cancers (pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, glioblastoma and HCC) mediated by a double promoter plasmid expressing diphtheria toxin under the control of H19 and IGF2-P4 regulatory sequences
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HeLain vitroDNAjetPEI
Alpy, F. et al. (2005)

J Biol Chem 280, 17945-17952
Functional characterization of the MENTAL domain
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