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HEK-293ETin vitroDNAPEIpro
Li, S. K. et al. (2015)

Mol Cell Biol 35, 1619-32
Nfkb1 activation by the E26 transformation-specific transcription factors PU.1 and Spi-B promotes Toll-like receptor-mediated splenic B cell proliferation
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAPEIpro
Faitschuk, E. et al. (2016)

Gene Ther 23, 718-726
A dual chain chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) in the native antibody format for targeting immune cells towards cancer cells without the need of an scFv
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HEK-293-Fin vitroDNAPEIpro
Steffen, W. et al. (2017)

J Biol Chem ,
Discovery of a microbial transglutaminase enabling highly site-specific labeling of proteins
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAPEIpro
Valkama, A. J. et al. (2018)

Gene Ther 25, 39-46
Optimization of lentiviral vector production for scale-up in fixed-bed bioreactor
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Expi293F, HEK-293Sin vitroDNAPEIpro, PEIpro residual test
Heldt, CL. et al. (2019)

J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 1124, 173-179
Scalable method utilizing low pH for DNA removal in the harvest of recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAPEIpro
Leinonen HM. et al. (2019)

Meth Clin Dev 15, 63-71
Preclinical Proof-of-Concept, Analytical Development, and Commercial Scale Production of Lentiviral Vector in Adherent Cells
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HEK-293T/17in vitroDNAPEIpro
Labisch JJ. et al. (2020)

J Biotechnol ,
A new simplified clarification approach for lentiviral vectors using diatomaceous earth improves throughput and safe handling
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAPEIpro
Sweeney PN. et al. (2021)

Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev 21, 574-584
The impact of lentiviral vector genome size and producer cell genomic to gag-pol mRNA ratios on packaging efficiency and titre
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAPEIpro
Galibert L. et al. (2021)

Sci Rep 11, 21698
Functional roles of the membrane-associated AAV protein MAAP
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HEK-293T, SKOV3in vitroDNA, shRNA plasmidPEIpro
Guan J. et al. (2022)

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2022,
GOLM1 as a Potential Therapeutic Target Modulates B7-H3 Secretion to Drive Ovarian Cancer Metastasis
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