• Description: Human monocyte derived dendritic cells
    Known as: DC
  • Delivered Biomolecule: mRNA
Transfection ReagentjetMESSENGER
Plate format24-well plate
Cell culture conditions

7 days before transfection, primary monocytes are seeded at 200 000-300 000 cells/well in a complete medium RPMI. Monocytes are differentiated by adding 200U of IL-4+500U of GMCSF. Change the medium every 2 days.

Transfection mediumRPMI (complete medium) + IL-4 + GMCSF
Number of seeded cells/Confluency-
Transfection volume0.5 mL
Amount of biomolecule500 ng
Amount of reagent1 µL
Transfection analysis performed after24 h