• Description: Chinese hamster ovary cells
  • Delivered Biomolecule: DNA
Transfection ReagentFectoPRO, FectoCHO Expression System
Plate formatshaker flask
Cell culture conditions

FectoCHO® CD Medium (Polyplus-transfection®), FreeStyle™ F17 (Life Technologies™), CHO-S SFM-II (Life Technologies™), CD-FortiCHO™ (Life Technologies™), FreeStyle™ CHO (Life Technologies™), ProCHO™ 4
(Lonza®), CD-CHO™ (Life Technologies™), HyClone™ HyCell™ TransFx™-C (GE Healthcare)

Transfection mediumSame as above
Number of seeded cells/Confluency1 x 10e6/ ml one day before transfection
Transfection volumeContact Tech Support for more details
Amount of biomoleculeContact Tech Support for more details
Amount of reagentContact Tech Support for more details
Transfection analysis performed after-