We are attending the LS2 anuual meeting 2019 – Cell biology from tissue to nucleus, in Zurich (Switzerland), February 14-15th 2019.

General information

The convention will take place at the University of Zurich, Campus Irchel (Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zürich).

For more information, please have a look at the program and meet the transfection experts.

Our team

Meet our team to discuss how to improve your transfection experiment on stem cells and cancer cells. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding transfection and to present you relevant products adapted to your research.

Our solutions for transfection

jetMESSENGER® is a new mRNA transfection reagent designed to provide high transfection efficiency in hard-to-transfect cells such as primary cells, neurons, suspension cells and various cancer cell lines. mRNA transfection is as easy as DNA transfection, with the advantage that mRNA does not need to reach the cell nucleus for expression and does not require cell division for efficient gene expression. Hence, cells that are slow dividing or that have developed specific mechanisms to protect their genome can finally be used for gene expression.

jetPRIME® is a powerful and versatile DNA and siRNA transfection reagent for day-to-day experiments that leads to efficient and reliable scientific results. jetPRIME® ensures high DNA transfection efficiency and excellent gene silencing in a variety of adherent cells. jetPRIME® is also ideal for DNA/siRNA co-transfection or co-delivery of several plasmids. Furthermore, our jetPRIME® reagent is very gentle on cells since it requires low amounts of reagent and nucleic acid during transfection.

jetOPTIMUS® is a powerful transfection reagent that improves cellular uptake and endosomal escape of DNA in adherent cells (even in hard-to-transfect cells) resulting in higher transfection efficiency. In order to work in relevant physiological conditions, transfection with jetOPTIMUS® requires a minimum DNA quantity and reagent volume to keep an excellent cell viability and morphology.

INTERFERin® provides very high silencing efficiency already at 1 nM siRNA and can be used in more in a wide variety of adherent and suspension cells. Using low concentration of siRNA avoids off-target effects, and its gentle mode of action ensure more robust data and excellent cell viability. Easy to use thanks to its compatibility with serum and antibiotics, INTERFERin® is also perfectly suited for transfection of miRNA and other oligonucleotides like pre-miRNA, mimic miRNA, antimiR….

in vivo-jetPEI® is a powerful polymer based reagent used to deliver any nucleic acid to any animal model. in vivo-jetPEI® forms stable complexes with the nucleic acid, protecting it from degradation and thus facilitating in vivo delivery. With a proven track record (over 200 Publications), in vivo-jetPEI® has already been used to target a wide range of organs using various administration routes.

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