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Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa, 1685

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Your distributor AEC-Amersham SOC Ltd supplies Polyplus-transfection® products all across South Africa. AEC-Amersham SOC aims to be the leading supplier to the Southern African market of products and services for the Healthcare, Life Sciences and Quality & Safety Assurance (QSA) market segments. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd.

AEC-Amersham SOC Ltd product portfolio is aimed at the public and private sectors and includes Universities, Academic Hospitals, Pathology Groups, Pharmaceutical Companies, Industrial laboratories, Food and Beverage manufacturers as well as Agriculture and Veterinary Institutes. Your products are supplied and serviced via the head office in Johannesburg and branches in Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein and agents in other centres and export territories.

AEC-Amersham’s core strengths are an extensive range of specialized products and services supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable sales force whose skills are continuously upgraded to understand your needs and serve you the best. Product portfolios are revised and expanded within our existing areas of competence so as to maintain a reputation of service excellence, thereby benefiting to you, our customers.

Life Science Research is a rapidly changing and growing field. AEC-Amersham’s product portfolio is among the most advanced available in this specialised area. Instruments and reagents provide researchers with the necessary tools for attempting to understand the interaction of substances within organisms at a molecular level.

AEC-Amersham believes in the concept of quality control and safety assurance and has a broad product range for both the industrial and medical markets. Polyplus-transfection® and AEC-Amersham work as a team to provide you the most adapted transfection reagent for your experiments.

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