• Authors: Prados, J., Melguizo, C., Ortiz, R., Boulaiz, H., Carrillo, E., Segura, A., Rodriguez-Herva, J. J., Ramos, J. L., Aranega, A.
  • Year: 2010
  • Journal: Exp Dermatol 19 363-71
  • Applications: in vivo / DNA / in vivo-jetPEI


Intratumoral injection of 20 µg DNA complexed with in vivo-jetPEI at N/P = 6, in 5% glucose final.


Novel treatment modalities, including gene therapy, are needed for patients with advanced melanoma. We evaluated whether the gef gene, a suicide gene from Escherichia coli, had a significant cytotoxic impact on melanoma in vivo. First, we used a non-viral gene delivery approach (pcDNA3.1/gef) to study the inhibition of melanoma cells (B16-F10) proliferation in vitro. Secondly, we used direct intra-tumoral injection of pcDNA3.1/gef complexed with jetPEI to deliver gef cDNA to rapidly growing murine melanomas. We demonstrated that gef gene not only has an antiproliferative effect on B16-F10 cells in vitro, but also induces an important decrease in melanoma tumor volume (77.7% in 8 days) in vivo. Interestingly, after gef gene treatment, melanoma showed apoptosis activation associated with the mitochondrial pathway, suggesting that the induction of this death mechanism may be an effective strategy for its treatment. Our in vivo results indicate that gef gene might become a suitable therapeutic strategy for patients with advanced melanoma.