• Authors: Guan, Y., Yao, H., Wang, J., Sun, K., Cao, L., Wang, Y.
  • Year: 2015
  • Journal: Int J Biol Sci 11 1257-68
  • Applications: in vivo / mimic miRNA / in vivo-jetPEI-Gal


1.5 µg/g of miRNA mimic were injected into mouse through intravenous injection to target liver.


Unbalanced tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha production is associated with pathogenesis of a variety of human diseases. However, the molecular pathways maintaining TNF-alpha homeostasis remain elusive. Here, we report that NF-kappaB/p65-DICER-miRs axis negatively regulates TNF-alpha production. We demonstrated that NF-kappaB bound to DICER promoter and transcriptionally regulated DICER expression. In addition, the NF-kappaB/DICER signaling suppresses TNF-alpha expression by generating mature forms of miR-125b and miR-130a which negatively regulate TNF-alpha mRNA. Furthermore, we showed that the hepatocyte-specific depletion of Dicer in mice resulted in TNF-alpha overproduction and sensitized the mice to endotoxin, which could be corrected by administration of miR-125b mimics. These data suggest that NF-kappaB/p65-DICER-miRs axis involved in maintaining of TNF-alpha homeostasis, and injection of miR-125b as a potential therapeutic method for septic shock.