• Authors: Cho, H. K., Kim, S. Y., Seong, J. K., Cheong, J.
  • Year: 2014
  • Journal: FEBS Lett 588 733-9
  • Applications: in vitro / DNA / jetPEI, jetPRIME
  • Cell types:
    1. Name: Hep G2
      Description: Human hepatocarcinoma cells
    2. Name: Huh7
      Description: Human hepatocarcinoma cells
      Known as: Huh7, Huh 7
    3. Name: MEF
      Description: Murine embryonic fibroblast cells 


Hepatitis B virus X protein is a major factor in the HBV-induced disease developments. Stromal cell-derived factor-1 is a small cytokine that is strongly chemotactic for lymphocytes. We explored the role of HBx on recruitment of HBV-induced virus-nonspecific immune cells into liver. Immune cell recruitment and SDF-1 expression level significantly increased in livers of HBx-transgenic mice and X-box binding protein-1 significantly increased SDF-1 gene expression. Finally, we confirmed that immune cell recruitment into liver tissues of HBx-TG mice was diminished by a chemokine receptor antagonist. Therefore, HBx increases ER stress-dependent SDF-1 expression and induces HBV-induced immune cell recruitment into liver.