• Authors: Gudkova, D., Panasyuk, G., Nemazanyy, I., Zhyvoloup, A., Monteil, P., Filonenko, V., Gout, I.
  • Year: 2012
  • Journal: FEBS Lett 586 3590-5
  • Applications: in vitro / DNA / jetPEI
  • Cell type: HEK-293
    Description: Human embryonic kidney Fibroblast
    Known as: HEK293, 293


Coenzyme A synthase (CoAsy) is a bifunctional enzyme which facilitates the last two steps of Coenzyme A biogenesis in higher eukaryotes. Here we describe that CoAsy forms a complex with enhancer of mRNA-decapping protein 4 (EDC4), a central scaffold component of processing bodies. CoAsy/EDC4 complex formation is regulated by growth factors and is affected by cellular stresses. EDC4 strongly inhibits the dephospho-CoA kinase activity of CoAsy in vitro. Transient overexpression of EDC4 decreases cell proliferation, and further co-expression of CoAsy diminishes this effect. Here we report that EDC4 might contribute to regulation of CoA biosynthesis in addition to its scaffold function in processing bodies.