• Authors: Lisziewicz, J., Trocio, J., Xu, J., Whitman, L., Ryder, A., Bakare, N., Lewis, M. G., Wagner, W., Pistorio, A., Arya, S., Lori, F.
  • Year: 2005
  • Journal: Aids 19 35-43
  • Applications: in vivo / DNA / in vivo-jetPEI-Man


Female BALB/c mice and rhesus macaques were immunized by direct topical skin application of in vivo-jetPEI-Man/DNA complexes


OBJECTIVE: To reconstitute immune responses capable of eliminating infected cells and suppressing viral load during chronic retroviral infection. DESIGN:: A topical, DNA-based therapeutic immunization (DermaVir) was designed to express most of the regulatory and structural viral genes in dendritic cells. METHODS: DermaVir alone and in combination with antiretroviral drugs was tested in chronically SIV-infected macaques. RESULTS: DermaVir provided virological, immunological and clinical benefit for SIV-infected macaques during chronic infection and AIDS. In combination with antiretroviral drugs, DermaVir augmented SIV-specific T-cell responses and enhanced control of viral load rebound during treatment interruptions. CONCLUSIONS: The results indicate the feasibility of therapeutic immunization even in immune compromised hosts, and suggest that DermaVir can complement antiretroviral drugs to sustain suppression of HIV-1 replication.