• Authors: Moparthi L. et al.. et al.
  • Year: 2020
  • Journal: Differentiation 115 30-36
  • Applications: in vitro / DNA / jetOPTIMUS
  • Cell types:
    1. Name: HCT 116
      Description: Human colon carcinoma cells
      Known as: HCT116
    2. Name: HEK-293T
      Description: Human embryonic kidney Fibroblast
      Known as: HEK293T, 293T


Forkhead box (FOX) family transcription factors play essential roles in development, tissue homeostasis, and disease. Although the biology of several FOX proteins has been studied in depth, it is unclear to what extent these findings apply to even closely related family members, which frequently exert overlapping but non-redundant functions. To help address this question, we have generated a uniform, ready-to-use expression library of all 44 human FOX transcription factors with a convenient peptide tag for parallel screening assays. In addition, we have generated multiple universal forkhead box reporter plasmids, which can be used to monitor the transcriptional activity of most FOX proteins with high fidelity. As a proof-of-principle, we use our plasmid library to identify the DNA repair protein XRCC6/Ku70 as a selective FOX interaction partner and regulator of FOX transcriptional activity. We believe that these tools, which we make available via the Addgene plasmid repository, will considerably expedite the investigation of FOX protein biology.