Protein production

Protein production consists in overexpressing a recombinant protein or peptide in a cell line at small or large scale. The biomolecules produced and collected can be used for research purposes such as structural characterization all the way down to therapeutic or medical applications. Polyplus-transfection® offers efficient and reliable transfection solutions for your protein production applications.

Protein production with Transient Gene Expression

Transient protein production in mammalian cells relies on one-shot transfection of a DNA plasmid encoding the protein of interest into a specific cell line. The target sequence is directly transcribed and translated into the recombinant protein and the production lasts for several cell cycles. Generating transient gene expression for protein production is time-saving, cost-effective and easy to implement with Polyplus-transfection® reagents.

The most commonly used cell types are HEK-293 (Human Embryonic Kidney) and CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary), mainly grown in suspension which is well suited for large scale production. HEK-293 and derived cell lines are broadly used for their high productivity, whereras CHO cells provide a human-like glycosylation pattern ideal for biomanufacturing of clinical-grade biotherapeutics. Polyplus-transfection offers solutions for various cell types including CHO, HEK-293 and their derivatives.

Protein production in stable clones

In case of stable protein expression, the cell line should have integrated the genetic material encoding the desired protein. A stable clone of cells overexpressing the protein of interest is usually obtained in two steps: first a linearized DNA plasmid is transfected into the cell line, which can usually be performed with Polyplus-transfection® reagents; then the appropriate clone needs to be selected before being cultivated to overexpress the desired protein.

Polyplus-transfection solutions for protein production

Amazing protein production yields with FectoPRO®

For amazing protein production yields in suspension CHO and HEK-293 cells in serum-free media, and in compliance with biomanufacturing guidelines, FectoPRO® is the best suited option. FectoPRO® is compatible with various commercial expression systems and can be easily implemented and upscaled in various suspension culture systems ranging from shake flasks to bioreactors.

Enhanced transient protein production in CHO cells with FectoCHO™ Expression System

To obtain outstanding protein production yields (up to 4 times higher than with the competitors’ systems) in various CHO cells, we developed an advanced transient expression system: FectoCHO™ Expression system, consisting in the synergistic association of a novel CHO chemically defined medium, FectoCHO™ CD Expression medium and our powerful transfection reagent, FectoPRO®. In compliance with biomanufacturing guidelines, FectoCHO™ Expression system is is optimised to facilitate adaptation and cultivation of various strains of CHO cells.

Robust protein bioproduction with PEIpro®

For robust and high protein production in either adherent or suspension mammalian cells like HEK-293, you may want to try our PEIpro® reagent. In compliance with biomanufacturing guidelines, PEIpro® is perfectly suited for protein production at very large scale.