Interview – Bioprocess EU 2018

Dr. Gabriel Festoc (Chairman) and Dr. Malik Hellal (Senior Scientist in Chemistry) were interviewed by BPI TV during the Bioprocess International European Summit. They discussed how the expertise of Polyplus-transfection can improve bioprocess (Protein & Virus production).

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Products for protein production

FectoPRO® Transfection kit is specifically designed for enhanced Transient Gene Expression (TGE) in suspension CHO and HEK-293 cells in various serum-free media, using low DNA amount (< 1 µg/ml of cell culture).

FectoCHO™ Expression system consists in the synergistic association of  FectoCHO™ CD Medium, FectoPRO® Transfection Reagent and its expression booster. FectoCHO™ CD medium allows easy cultivation of various strains of CHO cells such as CHO-K1, CHO-S and ExpiCHO™-S , without the need of an extensive sequential adaptation. FectoPRO®-mediated transient transfection in this chemically defined medium leads to the highest protein and antibody yields ever reached using Transient Gene Expression, up to 4 times higher than with the competitors’ systems.

Products for virus production

PEIpro® is a DNA transfection reagent for production of viruses, recombinant proteins and antibodies either in adherent cells in presence of serum or in suspension HEK-293 cells grown in low serum or serum-free media.

PEIpro®-HQ is a highly qualified grade of PEIpro® reagent, especially developed for the production of clinical batches of recombinant proteins, antibodies or viral vectors. The PEIpro®-HQ grade is supplied with appropriate Quality Controls and documentation allowing its use as a qualified raw material in GMP processes for the manufacturing of clinical batches of therapeutic products.

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