Permanent contract











  • 根据公司规划,制定和执行区域销售计划及策略,完成销售任务;
  • 负责客户的定期拜访,及时跟踪、反馈项目进展;
  • 积极开发新客户,理解客户需求,解决客户问题;
  • 充分了解区域客户情况,搜集和反馈销售和市场信息;
  • 配合公司组织各类活动,提高公司和品牌形象;



  • 生物学及相关大学本科或以上学历;
  • 1~2年以上相关行业销售经验,熟悉GCT行业;
  • 热爱销售工作,具备客户开发和市场开拓能力;
  • 工作积极主动,认真负责,吃苦耐劳、拼搏向上;
  • 条理清晰、主次分明,有较强的服务意识和执行能力;
  • 较强的沟通能力和团队协作精神;
  • 良好的英语口语及写作能力


Location: Shanghai

Reporting to: Regional Commercial Manager

Polyplus is a Strasbourg, France-based biotechnology company focused on providing innovative nucleic acid delivery solutions for customers in life science research, in vivo transfection, biologics manufacturing, and cell and gene therapy. Its main business is the provision of transfection reagents. Established 20 years ago, we have a strong reputation in the transfection market.

We are looking for a Regional Sales Manager to develop and expand business in the research and industrial market in Eastern China.


  • Job Responsibilities

– To develop and implement regional sales plans and strategies according to the company’s planning and to complete sales tasks.

– Responsible for regular customer visits, timely tracking and feedback on project progress.

– Actively developing new customers, understanding their needs and solving their problems.

– To fully understand the situation of regional customers, collect and feedback sales and market information.

– Cooperate with the company to organize various activities to improve the company and brand image.


  • Job Requirements

– Bachelor’s degree or above in biology and related universities.

– 1~2 years of sales experience in related industry, familiar with GCT industry.

– Passionate about sales work, with the ability to develop customers and market development.

– Proactive, conscientious and responsible, hardworking.

– Clearly organised, prioritised, with a strong sense of service and ability to execute.

– Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit.

– Good command of spoken and written English


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